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One important thing when working with essential oils is to remember the oils must always be used and stored in glass containers because the oils (specifically citrus oils) will leach toxins and chemicals out of plastic and then those chemicals will be in your recipes. This is also super important to remember when putting lemon/peppermint/grapefruit in your water. TJ Maxx and Target have some really cute glass water bottles right now!

Once you're in The Essential Tribe - facebook group - check out this unboxing the kit video, so you don't miss the secret compartment with your 2 extra oils and samples!


I want to quickly touch base on the difference between the Vitality line (white labels) and the regular Essential Oil line. Basically, if there is a vitality oil it is safe for consumption. Like the Thieves in the starter kit, BUT the 15ml Thieves regular oil is THE SAME OIL. The FDA just required Young Living to create a separate label for anything consumable. Is that clear as mud? 

Basically, I'm saying when you run out of a vitality oil and go to re-order go ahead and get the less expensive big one. Just make sure you know which ones are and are not for ingestion. #gotthat? #mmkayletsmoveon

All of my favorite resources can be found on Amazon right HERE (click this), or you can click the individual links below, whatever is easier for you! 

For Essential Oil use during pregnancy, childbirth, with babies and young children, I recommend the Gentle Babies book: link here

Several of the recipes I use are just easier if you make a 'roller' out of them so you can just have it on hand instead of mixing it up every time. For that, I ordered these roller bottles from Amazon: [link here]For the pollen buster capsules, I use these [link here] 3 drops each: lemon, lavender, and peppermint.

I'll be adding you to a few Facebook groups (You have to accept the invite to get in, heads up!) 

The Essential Tribe, Check out the "I've got my kit, now what? video" HERE 
The Refinery 

We also have an amazing biz group if you are even just curious about that side you're welcome to poke around in, just let me know or click here and request to join.

These groups are an amazing resource and community to search for answers, find recipes, ask questions. You may want to join Oily Pets - YLEO too if you have animals you'll be using your oils around. Take a quick look through the Pets 101 guide here.

Now, one of my favorite things from our team, our How to be an oiler booklet! View Handbook Here  (I'll be popping one in the mail to you too!)


Let's talk carrier oils, carrier oils are what we use to introduce oils to our skin. The molecules are larger than the essential oil molecules, so it creates a bit of a "time-release" effect. Always use with kiddos and pets.

For a starter oil, to use with roller bottles FCO is my jam #easypeasy

My favorite non-leaking roller bottles Grab them here

For face serums grab Jojoba Oil for sensitive skin or Grapeseed for combo.


Link to Fractionated Coconut Oil Here

Link to Jojoba Oil Here

An amazing tool is the Pocket Reference Guide.
This book is your guide to all things oils. This will help you self-diagnose and treat with oils. If you grab one thing, let it be this.

Link to Essential Oils Pocket Reference 8th Edition

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As always, feel free to reach out to me, I am 100% here to help you with this.

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