Oh man, I am legit excited about this little sample you got with your kit. Like Monica on friends excited!

It's recommended that you use a glass spray bottle with any and all oily happiness... but I'll make a ONE TIME exception if you only have plastic today. Done is better than perfect, am I right? But after you fall in loooooove grab a set of spray bottles off amazon like these amber colored ones , or these clear ones! You're fine to use clear bottles as long as you're not storing in direct sunlight.

I know what you're thinking, Britt... do I really need 6 bottles?!? ummm, yes! You're going to make:

  1. All-purpose cleaner -stainless, counters, kits toys, highchairs, all the things.

  2. Bathroom cleaner - sinks, tubs, showers, tile.

  3. Room refresher -replace that fabreeze and linen/room spray.

  4. Wood polish - bye pledge! 

  5. Glass Cleaner - later windex!

  6. Stain Remover - laundry, carpet, furniture, dog beds, all things fabric.

And it's going to be WAY cheaper than anything you can buy in the store, you're going to feel good about what you're using, your house will smell like Christmas (bonus!) and it's going to be super easy! (there's a joke in there for those of us that have the humor of a 12 yr old... I'll leave that out for my classier audience) 

Back to your kit sample. Today you're going to make the All-purpose cleaner! Add half the packet to a 16oz spray bottle and fill with water... that's it!

Clean away! Licking surfaces afterward is totally safe now, you immune boosting cleaning guru you... but I wouldn't because then you'd have to clean it again. The most common question I get is, is this strong enough to use after raw chicken has touched my counters? Yep! BUUUUUTTTT if you're a germ nut like yours truly you can make a spray bottle with 2 capfuls Thieves + half the bottle with peroxide, then fill with water. Peroxide is more amazing at killing germs than bleach! Boom, peace of mind. 


These recipes are in the How to be an oiler booklet too!

Okay, how to get $50 off the Thieves household cleaning product!

You have 2 options:

  1. Sign up for Essential Rewards if you haven't yet and grab the Thieves Essential Rewards kit! It's a $40 savings vs buying all of the things separately + you get 10% back in points to spend later = $11.80. BOOM you just got $51.80 off a whole home makeover of Thieves goodness! $118 just turned into $106

  2. The other option is to use your sign up link and sign your spouse up for the Thieves Premium Starter Kit. By using your link Young Living will send you a $50 check the following month! $160 just turned into $110!


The main difference in the two options is a 5ml bottle of Stress Away, a thieves waterless purifier, ningxia samples, and 2 aromaglide fitments. The premium starter kit has it, the Essential Rewards kit doesn't. You can't go wrong either way, just make sure if you go route 2 that you've place 50pv order that month so you qualify for that sign-up payout from YL! (this is already covered if you order it the same month as your kit) How to find your sign up link: This is something you can share with anyone who wants any of the Premium Starter kits, and you'll get $50 from YL!

Log in to your young living account. On the left side options click on Member Resources, then Link Builder and copy that code!

You don't have to be a business person to use this, maybe you only use it for your mom or hubby, no biggie! You might as well be the one who gets the $50 for sharing. Just make sure to plug them into the facebook groups, I'll be happy to send them the email or text series just shoot me a message!


Easy Peasy! XO,
Britt Rayburn


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