Making a roller bottle for your go-to oily needs is so easy and a fun way to get loving your oils!

*based on 5ml rollerball bottle + carrier oil + 12 drops EO listed below (double for 10ml bottle, triple for 15ml bottle) Dilute more for kiddos.

Grumps be gone!: 5 drops Valor, 15 peace and calming top with a carrier oil.. Roll behind ears, wrists, heck shower in it if you need to. 

  • Seasonal Relief: lemon, lavender, peppermint (5 of each) apply behind ears, keep out of the sun.

  • Tummy Tamer: 6 DiGize, 3 Peppermint, 3 Lemon, top with carrier oil. Roll over tummy and on bottom arch of your left foot. (vita flex point for the stomach)

  • Tension Relief: 5 Peppermint, 5 Frankincense, 3 Lavender, top with a carrier oil. Roll on the back of your neck, across the forehead and on temples to relieve head tension.

  • Immunity Boost: 6 Thieves, 3 Lemon, 3 Frankincense. (optional: 2 Oregano) top with a carrier oil. Roll on the bottom of feet every morning and night.

  • Relax: 4 Lavender, 4 Stress Away, top with a carrier oil.

  • Make it stop: 5 Panaway, 5 Peppermint, 5 Valor top with a carrier oil, roll onto areas as needed.

  • Cough relief: 8 Raven, 4 Lavender, top with a carrier oil. Roll on neck, chest & feet.

While I can totally take credit for making this little dude right here, (you can watch my year-long struggle to get preggo and what I used to help here) I can't take credit for these awesome kiddo roller recipes, these are all from the amazing Adrianne Lentine, the head of the Essential Tribe.

  • Bee Clear (congestion) 3 lemon, 3 lavender, 3 tea tree, 3 cedarwood, 3 eucalyptus radiata, top with carrier oil. Apply to feet & chest. (not the face)

  • Bee Well (Immune) 3 lemon, 2 lavender, 6 frankincense, 4 tea tree. Apply to feet and spine.

  • Bee Sweet 3 bergamot, 4 orange, 4 lavender, 4 frankincense.

  • Bee Settled (tummy) 5 orange, 5 ginger, 5 spearmint. Apply to tummy & feet.

  • Bee Still (zZz's) 7 lavender, 7 cedarwood or roman chamomile. Apply to feet, wrists, and behind ears.

Britt Rayburn

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*I'm a mama, not your doctor. Just like I would try a steam shower for congestion as the first line of defense, I turn to oils. Any statements made on these emails are my own, unless noted. This is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure. If you need a health care professional, please seek one out immediately.