Immunity Bomb Capsule

There is nothing like being able to pull out the big guns when you're feeling under the weather. I personally use these when I have a cold and have run out of Inner Defense from Young Living.

Now before we get into consuming oils, let me preface this with I am only speaking to the Young Living Vitality™ line. I personally do not trust other oil distributors as I can not speak to the way they distill and test their oils. This is why I picked Young Living in the first place, I have personally visited the farms, and you can too! They are totally transparent, no second distilling or doctoring their oils (no fillers, no flash distilling, no BS). More info on the safety of ingesting essential oils

mmmkay, now that I've said my peace let's move on to this donkey kick of a capsule I can't live without during the winter season.

Immune Bomb Capsule

1 veggie capsule - I use these

2 drops of Lemon Vitality™ essential oil

2 drops Frankincense Vitality™ essential oil

4 drops Thieves©️ Vitality™ essential oil

3 drops Oregano Vitality™ essential oil

You can take up to 2 per day, every 12 hours.

** please note that you need to either make and freeze them (up to a week) or make and use immediately, the oils will disintegrate the capsules.

Pro Tip: to make bulk capsules just grab a slice of sandwich bread and press the bottom of the capsule into the bread in a line to hold in place.

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