All about Essential Rewards

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Essential Rewards is a totally optional, totally wonderful, monthly subscription box from Young Living.

The perks?

+ Discounted shipping (for even better shipping check out YL Go, and YL Go+ it's our "amazon prime")

+ Earn points back for free products on Quick Order

- Months 1,2, & 3 you get 10% back

- Months 4 through 24 you get 20% back

- 2 years + you get 25% back!

+ Change your order every month for whatever needs you have, or leave items the same for what you use monthly. I personally always have Super C, Super B, and Life 9 in my monthly order, and I add on what I'm wanting to try or running low on.

+ No contracts

The commitment

+ Minimum monthly order is 50pv, pv = personal volume. Typically 1pv = $1, some products and accessories the pv will be lower, you will clearly see the pv next to the $ amount, along with a pv subtotal in your cart.

+ You can cancel anytime with our incredibly helpful customer service team without hassle, just spend your reward points first or you will lose them. If you want to start up again in a few months you will go back to the 10% reward points earning rate for the first 3 months. For Member Services call 1-800-371-3515

Check back for a Year to a Well-Home Guide to Ditch and Switch on a budget.

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