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How to get started

There is no wrong way to start

Look at you researching how to switch out items in your home that may be detrimental to your health for items that can boost and reset your wellness! #heckyes


Let's take a look at the kits you can choose from.


Already have a kit just feeling a little lost? I can help!

getting started

The premium starter kit is hands down the best way to get started, it's how I started. You get 12 of their best/most popular oils + samples and a diffuser. The pricing depends on the diffuser you pick. My favorite for beginners is the Dewdrop, but they are all fantastic. 

  1. Click here, The Wholesale Member option will be pre-selected for you, you can select retail but you'll end up paying 24% more for everything and the premium starter kits are not an option. The wholesale membership is FREE with the kit, So... Wholesale it is! Go team! This does not mean you need to sell, ever. Read more about that here.

  2. Make sure my number 10987812 is in the enroller and sponsor box 😉

  3. Select your diffuser... The dewdrop is automatically selected for you, and awesome! Or choose the tab "other premium kits" if you're going the non-oily route.

  4. Essential Rewards, best box ever. It's a monthly subscription box that you get to customize every month. Free to sign up, you commit to purchasing $50 of products monthly and earn points back for free products, along with discounted shipping.

    Basically, it makes it easy to take baby steps into the world of wellness. You can make your kit your first Essential Rewards order, just click the checkbox that says you'd like it to be your first order. You just scored yourself a 13th oil for free! + 10% back in points. Learn more about ER here.


  5. Add any additional items if you'd like, I personally recommend the Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste and Orange Vitality Essential Oil to naturally whiten your teeth!

  6. Choose the 3-day shipping option to avoid that weird-stalking-the-fedex-guy situation.

  7. Expect happy emails from yours truly guiding you through each oil in your new kit so you can feel confident when it arrives on your doorstep, a fun welcome packet, and invites to our facebook groups where we have a sweet community to learn and ask questions.


The best value by far. Valued at over $400 of the best everyday oils and a diffuser of your choice. 

Starting at $165 USD


Give your home a clean sweep of all those harmful chemicals, and meet my favorite product outside of oils.

$160 USD


Holy antioxidants batman! It's basically if wellness and energy had a baby.

$170 USD


If you're going to absorb an average of 5lbs of makeup a year, let's make it clean and gorgeous ingredients. mmk?

$165 USD

Need more info? Like... What's in the kit, can I customize it? Yep! I've got you, just enter your info here and I'll send you a super helpful email!

You got it, I'll break it down


you've got questions...


How would you like to learn? We will get you plugged into our amazing community on Facebook, it's a great place to learn, ask questions, find answers and recipes.


You will receive an email a day outlining how to use your kit, what each oil can help with, along with recipes and ideas.


I will send you a welcome packet with a booklet full of quick reference material, safety, pregnancy, kids, the works!


You can opt-in for tips to be text right to your phone!


There are a ton of resources, reference books, videos, e-courses, facebook group classes. We make it easy, simple, and fun! No need to get overwhelmed we've got you covered, and I personally am always a message or text away once you're on our team!​


Essential Rewards is a totally optional, totally wonderful, monthly subscription box from Young Living.


The perks?

  •  Discounted shipping (for even better shipping check out YL Go, and YL Go+ it's our "amazon prime")

  •  Earn points back for free products on Quick Order

    •  Months 1,2, & 3 you get 10% back

    • Months 4 through 24 you get 20% back

    • 2 years + you get 25% back!

  • Change your order every month for whatever needs you have, or leave items the same for what you use monthly. I personally always have Super C, Super B, and Life 9 in my monthly order, and I add on what I'm wanting to try or running low on.

  • No contracts


The commitment

  • Minimum monthly order is 50pv, pv = personal volume. Typically 1pv = $1, some products and accessories the pv will be lower, you will clearly see the pv next to the $ amount, along with a pv subtotal in your cart.

  • You can cancel anytime with our incredibly helpful customer service team without hassle, just spend your reward points first or you will lose them. If you want to start up again in a few months you will go back to the 10% reward points earning rate for the first 3 months. For Member Services call 1-800-371-3515


Our answer to Amazon Prime, kinda. 24 hours processing vs 2 day and 2-4 day shipping (way faster than the regular shipping options with Essential Rewards) 


YL GO is $59/year and covers your ER shipping for 13 months, That easily beats our cheapest and slowest shipping option available on ER at just over $4.50 per order. So good!


YL GO+ is $129 /year and covers your ER orders for 12 months + 24 additional Quick orders, 36 total shipments! Grab some extra product, redeem those ER points and ship the whole blessed order FOR FREE... or drop ship a gift to a friend, or use this when a sale pops up! That makes each shipment just over $3.50! yes please!


Overnight shipping upgrade is $19.99 per order for either subscription. (YOU GUYS that is insane. I've paid $79.99 for overnight shipping in a real pinch before.)



It took me about a year of research to come around to oils and to choose a company, my background as a clinical trials project manager and research assistant left no stone unturned. What it came down to for me was the quality, sourcing, and transparency about how they farm, distill, and test.


Did you know you can go visit their farms all over the world? You can plant one of the plants (if it's that season) learn about the rigorous harvesting standards, how they distill the plants to get the best quality possible vs the most/fastest way, the whole shebang. I am visiting the Lavender farms this summer totally free for hitting the rank of Silver last year. You don't have to be a member, they are totally transparent. That is huge! You can learn more about their Seed to Seal promise here.




You can grab a kit and never do anything with Young Living again. I mean, that would totally bum me out because that would mean you grabbed a kit and stuck it under your bed or something. But you could.


Or you could just occasionally share and get a thank-you check from Young Living, like... if your mom wants a kit.


Or you could end up like this blabbermouth and love it all so much you accidentally start a business and start working it like it's your job, because now it is, and walk alongside some of the most amazing people I have ever done life with.


No matter what path you choose, I will be your biggest cheerleader. I am honored to be chosen by you for this oily thang, I will 100% support and mentor you in wellness or the business, or both.


The jist:


You will get out of this business what you put into it. If you treat it like a hobby, you will have hobby income... I tell everyone interested in the business side to be consistent in sharing what they love and to give it 6 months. 


First off, you do not need to be salesy, pushy, or hounding your friends and family. You don't need to throw parties or have inventory. You can do those things, but I think you'll find our team's approach is more authentic and comes across more genuine. People over profit. Love people well, share and educate, and the rest will fall into place.


Our team has so many resources, from videos to online business courses, how to build your personal brand, sharing prompts, text message IPAs (income-producing activities) business groups, Instagram stories, social media images, graphics, booklets, welcome packet recourses, all the things. Choosing the right team is crazy important, I didn't know that I got lucky! You are definitely in the right place if you want to pursue this business. 


What do you have to do?


To get paid all of the possible commissions, you need to be placing monthly orders of 100pv. We have a facebook group that will help guide you through taxes and what you can deduct from a CPA that specializes in YL, so you can be smart with ordering. That might sound like a lot, but it's super easy to do!

  • Have friends add on to your order to try things out that aren't quite ready for a kit. You'll get all of the reward points and any of the Monthly freebies if your order qualifies!

  • Swap out what you would normally grab at the store, laundry detergent, fabric softener, household cleaning supplies, supplements, beauty... easy peasy! Now you're living a life aimed toward wellness, and getting points back for more free products!

  • There are no sales quotas, just an epic team cheering each other on without the weight of comparison or jealousy.


How do I start?


Grab your kit by following the instructions at the top and let me know you want more info on the business. I will get you plugged in and mentor you however you need.


What's the average Pay?


We have "Ranks" in young living, I like to think of them as promotions. Those ranks are only achieved if we are helping others along the way in the business. Isn't that just so dang beautiful? We literally rise by lifting others, community over competition. Check out the income disclosure statement here and let me know what rank would be life changing for you, then lets run after that goal together!


Who actually succeeds at a Young Living Business?




This is not a one size fits all, we have CEO's, Moms who homeschool 7 children, College students graduating debt-free and building a freedom lifestyle, husbands retiring, Doctors, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Nurses, Grandparents. There is no wrong stage of life to start building something for yourself. 


From your phone in 5-minute spurts, to blocking out time and getting to work. This is possible if you do the work.




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