First things first, how to clean your diffuser. 

ONLY use rubbing alcohol in your diffuser, this is the only way to not void your wonderful YEAR LONG WARRANTY (woot, yay young living!)

I like to squirt enough in the base of the diffuser to cover the metal plate and let sit for 20 minutes every week. Then use a q-tip or the brush that comes with the rainstone or aria to clean the metal plate. Voila! Your a regular queen of clean.

rinse with water and get on with your bad self.

Oh, diffuser you make everything better, all the smells, all the emotions, all the health. Thank you diffuser, thank you.

Before you get started some quick tips.
+ Different diffusers call for different water. The Dewdrop, Desert Mist, and Rainstone use tap water. The Aria calls for distilled.
+ If you have the Desert Mist, make sure you line up the inside top correctly, lest you want a pool of water and an endless hunt to replace your no longer sold west elm nightstands... it might have happened to me.

Here are just a few combinations from your new bff. The starter kit. Enjoy, play around, and let me know if you find something you love! #iwannaknow

Catching Z’s 
4 Stress Away + 2 Lavender


Calm those nerves 
3 Frankincense + 2 Lavender


What’s that smell? 
6 Citrus fresh


5 Frankincense #frankforthewin


Pollen Buster 
3 Lavender + 3 Lemon + 3 Peppermint


Breathin’ Easy 
3 Raven + 2 Lavender


Wake me up 
4 Peppermint + 4 Lemon


Uplift & Unwind 
2 Peppermint + 3 Stress Away


Feeling Meh 
4 Thieves + 4 Lemon


3 Stress Away + 2 Thieves


Candy Cane 
3 Stress Away + 2 Peppermint

Brazen cheer
3 Citrus Fresh + 2 Valor

Don't freak out
3 Valor + 3 Peace and Calming

Look for more in your How to be an Oiler handbook + insert recipe guide!

Britt Rayburn


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*I'm a mama, not your doctor. Just like I would try a steam shower for congestion as the first line of defense, I turn to oils. Any statements made on these emails are my own, unless noted. This email is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure. If you need a health care professional, please seek one out immediately.


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